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Hurricane #1 Hurricane #1 US Album

Hurricane #1 Hurricane #1

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Hurricane #1 were born in the same year that Ride decided to disband and go their separate ways. Signing to Creation records in 1996, they released the EP Step Into My World which reach the heady heights of 29 in the UK single chart which at the time was still a feat.To me Step Into My World is a classic Slice of Britpop Releasing two more singles Just Another Illusion and Chain Reaction to good reviews and having gushing reviews about their live performances on their own tour and supporting the band 3 Colours Red things were looking good for the band. In late September 1997 they released their self-titled album Hurricane #1 to very good reviews including Q magazine naming it as one of the best albums of 1997. It’s been strongly referenced that the sound was not influenced by Oasis but actually inspired by them which you can hear on some tracks. This may be true but the band was far superior in their song writing (Thanks to Bell) and the pure musicianship displayed by the band and Andy Bells guitar playing. With sounds ranging from 70's wah-wah rock to double beats and songs fringing on the side of shoegazing this album had everything for a guitar music fan of the 90's. Standout album tracks include Let go Of The Dream with its late night drunken sing-a-long chorus and rolling lead guitar sitting subtly behind the band to Mother Superior with its wah-wah opening to the slightly Oasis sounding vocal baggy beats. We find the closing track Stand In Line sounding like something Noel Gallagher would kill to have written. Close your eyes and you would think you were listening to Oasis but with Balls

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