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Eurythmics Savage

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There is something about the album that grips you; it's a very different sound to the rocky raunchy Revenge album that came before it, or indeed the albums that came before it. It's experimental, raw, and, as Dave Stewart put it, "a sharp turn left". But that what makes it so brilliant. On first listening, it doesn't sound like much - but the songs are definitely addictive. You'll have a line or two stuck in your head for ages, something that can only be satisfied by listening, and the more you listen, the more you appreciate the album... Each time I listen to it, I love it even more. The album is very "visual". As you listen, you can just imagine the kind of videos that could be put to it - and so could Eurythmics and Sophie Muller - that's how the Savage Video Album came about. It's only available on VHS and isn't reproduced anymore, but if you come across it, get hold of it, it's worth it. It's beautifully directed and put together. The opening track is Beethoven (I Love To Listen To), and Lennox quirks, that "I Love To / Listen To / Beethoven". It's a great choice for an opening track, it's dramatic, enticing and yet it doesn't take itself too seriously. I've Got A Lover (Back in Japan) is a song that could be interpreted about worldwide sexual conquests, but it's a fun song and enjoyable to listen to. Do You Want To Break Up? is a chirpy upbeat song. The lyrics echo a sad, horrible time of being in a relationship that's bitter-sweet, but are juxtaposed against synthesized guitar riffs and solid bass drums; making the songs pure genius. The lyrics could make a very sweet ballad. You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart gives me an Aural Orgasm. A song about being with someone you love but not being loved in return - a chill in the heart. The instrumental side of the song is lovely, fitting, dramatic, and 'visual'. The lyrics are some of the best Lennox has ever written, "I've been bought and I've been sold, Love is Rock and Love is roll, I just want someone to hold". Shame- a song about fame, "The Beatles (and the Rolling Stones)"... This is my favourite track - and the video is brilliant. I know I'm using the word 'visual' a lot, but you get the pictures in your mind. The feeling that "yeah, I know what kind of video I could make to this". Savage, despite it's name is very pure. Sad, and yet not a ballad or depressing in the least. Beauty in Aural form. Another gem on the album that stand out for me is Put The Blame On Me - superbly dramatic and very James Bond. If you've heard it, you'll know exactly what I mean. You can picture it playing as James Bond drives his brand new Aston Martin across the River Thames on his way for a shag with Miss Moneypenny! I Need A Man is a raunchy raw and fabulous anthem. The lyrics break out about the sexually-ambiguous gender-bender 80s New Romantic culture (that Lennox herself was very much a part of), a power-anthem that you'd sing in front of the mirror if you're out on the pull! Heaven uses the very basic of lyrics, and yet goes for three and a half minutes. Beautifully composed and put together. Wide Eyed Girl is a fun song that describes a girl whose got a sense of excitement and fame about her - "I don't care what the teacher says!" and "Mona Lisa!" sings Annie in a raunchy power anthem way; and in my head I see the Annie Lennox on the cover "walking through the streets of Rome" with everyone looking at her... again, very visual. I Need You is an acoustic song, and is romantic in a lovely way, but it's acoustic without being boring. Annie's raunchy voice I so adored on their album Revenge shine through. "And the words say 'hey', it's a Brand New Day' - it starts with an a Capella singing intro and really shows off Annie's vocal tablets. The lyrics are also very beautiful. It speaks about moving away from the troubled boyfriend, which has been featured throughout the album, and being able to do it without trouble - after all, it's a Brand New Day. A fitting end to the album. The album is very much themed, the theme runs through it like a vein, which I guess is why the concept of the video album came so easily. (As I said, buy it!) The bonus tracks on the reissue, include remixes of Beethoven, I Need A Man, and Shame. The favourite for me, being Shame - a delicious song I wish had bought them more success. It also includes a live version of I Need You. The last bonus track is a cover of The Beatles' Come Together - the synthesizers are quirky and Lennox sings with funky passion and fun. One of the best covers of Come Together I heard. I'm sure The Beatles would be proud, and John Lennon himself with his quirky tastes (according to Wikipedia, he stated the B-52s' debut album as one of his all time favourites) would enjoy the cover version. All in all, if you were gonna buy only one Eurythmics' album, I would say Greatest Hits, but if the rules were changed to one Eurythmics studio album, Savage would be what I recognised. Although it's not as mainstream as their others, it's pure creative genius and I have so much respect for Ms Lennox and Mr Stewart for the album.

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