Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Wedding Present George Best + 9 As Recommended By Roisin

The Wedding Present George Best + 9

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Apart from the dark and majestic Seamonsters, George Best is easily the best possible Introduction To the Wedding Present's work; it's also a fine introduction to the entire C-86 scene that had such an impact on British rock. It would be nearly impossible to name the standout tracks, since the band's strength lies in the fact that every tune is so solid: it should suffice to mention "Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft," "My Favourite Dress," "Anyone Can Make a Mistake," a cover of the Beatles' "Getting Better," and a French version of "Why Are You Being So Reasonable Now?" (the last two featuring Heavenly/Talulah Gosh singer Amelia Fletcher) -- then remember that nearly every song in the Wedding Present catalog is just as good as those that have been picked out as singles. This Here is a definite classic. [A 23-track reissue compiled the album plus its first two singles: "Nobody's Twisting Your Arm" and "Why Are You Being So Reasonable Now?"]


Roisin O Shea said...

Thanks , great post "Saturnalia " is also a great album.

friend of rachel worth said...

Great band - saw them live a few times in Leeds around the release of this lp. Didn't think it would be ever topped but for Take Fountain released a few yrs ago pushes it close

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