Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Waterboys Fisherman's Blues Collectors Edition

The Waterboys Fisherman's Blues CD1 

The Waterboys Fisherman's Blues CD2

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Mike Scott had been pursuing his grandiose "big music" since he founded the Waterboys, so it came as a shock when he scaled back the group's sound for the Irish and English folk of Fisherman's Blues. Although the arena-rock influences have been toned down, Scott's vision is no less sweeping or romantic, making even the simplest songs on Fisherman's Blues feel like epics. Nevertheless, the album is the Waterboys' warmest and most rewarding record, boasting a handful of fine songs ("And a Bang on the Ear," the ominous "We Will Not Be Lovers," "Has Anybody Here Seen Hank?," and the title track), as well as a surprisingly successful cover of Van Morrison's breathtaking "Sweet Thing." [Fisherman's Blues was reissued in 2006 with a bonus disc containing fourteen outtakes, alternate versions and late-night studio jams. The re-mastered original included extended versions of "And a Bang on the Ear" and "World Party.


friend of rachel worth said...

a classic as are all of the frst 4 waterboys lps - Mike scott has never really managed to capture it across a whole lp since. A super doper version has been released with about 100 discs (okay maybe not 100) with pretty much everything they recorded over this period

Iano1 said...

Love this album. Had this on Cassette. Never listened to disc 2. Maybe now is the time!
Oh, we are allowed nominate an album? Let me see now!! Try not to be too obvious! Ok, how about "The Cult - The Cult" I think this was their last great album before they broke up the first time around. Think this one was overlooked by most people. They've had 3-4 albums since, none of them living up to this.

D.M. Cross said...

You can also go for the 7-disc Complete Sessions box set, for those who just can't get enough.

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