Saturday, 20 January 2018

Various ‎12"/80s/2


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A second volume of 12"/'80s was released only a few months after the first, which proved to be a success -- as much as a various-artists catalog release with a big ad push can be a success, at least. This set is nearly as extensive (one less track spread across three discs), but it's relatively thin in quality of content. It falls short of the first volume due to a few too many (justly) forgotten acts and mixes that are extremely inferior compared to the original versions. Remixes from the latter half of the decade -- this set is heavier on them -- often incorporate elements that disassociate themselves from the originals, and that's to no good effect. The tricks tend to make the tracks sound a lot less fresh and strictly of their time, especially when the originals themselves weren't all that hot to begin with. None of this makes the set a total waste; there's still plenty of good material to keep you on your feet. You just have to do a little more sifting and plucking. The highlights include Heaven 17's "Penthouse and Pavement," the Associates' "Party Fears Two," Style Council's "Long Hot Summer," Tom Tom Club's "Genius of Love," Pigbag's "Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag," the Human League's "Sound of the Crowd," and Altered Images' "Don't Talk to Me About Love."

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