Saturday, 8 July 2017

Big Audio Dynamite ‎Planet Bad Greatest Hits

Big Audio DynamitePlanet Bad Greatest Hits

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Culling together tracks chosen from a decade's (and seven albums') worth of material, Planet BAD serves as a focused, well-chosen compilation of Mick Jones' post-Clash outfit. Although neither as critically or commercially successful as the Clash, Big Audio Dynamite's blend of rock and dance music, with a generous dose of samples, was a fixture on college radio in the mid- to late '80s with tracks like "E=MC2," "The Bottom Line," and "C'mon Every Beatbox" (all included here). The band even managed to make a foray onto the U.S. Top 40 charts in 1992 with the infectious "Rush." With his place already secure in rock annals, Jones' work with BAD was much more lighthearted, but it cannily anticipated the influence electronics and technology would have on music. it's also undeniable that the band was a more interesting venture than it was sometimes given credit.


Moderator said...

not heard this in years, good album, some great stuff here.

can I request tanya donelly swan song box set,(3 cds) I think there's 3, thanks in advance,


Jim Christiansen said...

It seems you have forgotten to link to the file.
Thanks for all your efforts.

Aid00 said...

Hello Jim Christiansen Link Fixed & Ready To Go

Aid00 said...

Hello Moderator Here's Tanya Donelly Swan Song Box Set

Moderator said...

Hi Aid00

many thnaks for the Tanya Donelly Swan Song Box Set, much appreciated,

keep up the fantastic work you do.

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