Saturday, 3 June 2017

The Flatmates ‎Love And Death (The Flatmates 86-89)

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The Flatmates were one of the best groups to come out of the oft-maligned C-86 movement in the U.K. Led by the tough but tender vocals of Deb Haynes and a noisy guitar-led attack, they were a pop group first and foremost, sounding like a near-perfect blend of the Shangri-Las and the Ramones. This collection of their finest songs released during their short lifespan is a compelling argument that the Flatmates were one of the best guitar pop bands of the era. The disc is made up of the best songs from the band's five EPs and compilation appearances as well as a handful of unreleased tracks that were demos recorded in search of a major-label deal. That deal never materialized and the band imploded in 1989, having gained some popularity but never reaching the big time. This collection won't change that, but it does firmly cement the Flatmates' status as leaders of the indie pack.

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Mikey B. said...

Do you have the June Brides two CD compilation Every Conversation?

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