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After the disaster that was Kill Uncle, in 1992 Morrissey revamped his band by adding Boz Boorer who was the musical driving force of the rockabilly revival act, The Polecats. Boorer added the creative push that Morrissey needed in the instrumental department. Gone were the “soft” singles like Suedehead and Everyday Is Like Sunday, and in replacement, we are provided with singles such as, "You're The One For Me Fatty", and "Tomorrow" which has much more power in them. Unlike Viva Hate where the music were mostly in the background and Morrissey’s lyrics on the forefront, both the Instruments and voice compliment eachother. Neither overpower the other. The albums opening song, “You’re Going To Need Someone On Your Side”, displays this new found power and aggression. It is unlike any song he has done before, the instruments pound the way for Morrissey's lovely singing voice. It provides a taste of what musical onslaught of euphoria and aggression that will inevitably provide. Morrissey’s wit and humor is still present as shown in the single, “You’re The One For Me, Fatty”, very few pop artists would sing a love song in such a brash way, and it works for him. It is something he would write, and it is one of the shining moments in the album. It starts off with a gentle Guitar rhythm, in which the drums and the Voice joins in on the fun. Throughout the song, the bassist really brings down the groundwork and works well with the drummer to tie into the music. Musically, it is filling slice of necessity. “Seasick, But Still Docked”, is what I believe is one of his most brilliant songs and it is also the most gentle, it begins with an acoustic number, soon after Morrissey begins to softly sing, it relates to the Smiths single, “How Soon Is Now?”, not in the musical aspect, but the context of what he is singing about. It is such a depressing song, but Morrissey does sad well. It really will pull on your heartstrings and wreck them. The Albums closer, "Tomorrow", is such a catchy tune. It'll have you dancing on the top of a Chair, facing a mirror emulating the unmistakable voice. Again, this songs instrumental department takes a step on the forefront and really lays down all backing that Morrissey needs. Overall, it is one of Morrissey’s shining albums. It is in league with “Vauxhall And I” and it is what Morrissey needed after Kill Uncle meanwhile shooting him up with success in the United States. It has both feeling and power, both Morrissey and band really work together to provide the best in each other.


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