Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The Fall ‎458489 B Sides

The Fall 458498 B Sides

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The title cleverly encapsulates the contents - the Fall's B-sides (45s) from 1984 to 1989. The Fall were a first-rate singles band, and the flip sides were often their equals. There is the odd dud here -- there are a thousand Fall songs to hear and "Clear Off" and "Mark'll Sink Us" wouldn't be high on ones list of priorities. But there are also many genuinely great tracks: "Petty Thief Lout," "Australians in Europe," "No Bulbs." It should be noted that in the Fall's turbulent history, their six-year spell at Beggars Banquet was their most productive and artistically rewarding. There are actually 31 tracks on view here, including a handful of remixes -- rich pickings (the album was never originally issued outside of Europe).


Anonymous said...

Many thanks, Aid00. The Fall were one of the last bands that used to record good-to-great B-Side singles. Good to hear these again.

Anonymous said...

Great compilation, Australians In Europe and Pat-Trip Dispenser being my favourites. CD has 31 tracks, vinyl 25. The sound quality of the double LP is appalling.

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