Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Roxy Music ‎The Thrill Of It All

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Album-rock artists like Roxy Music always make a difficult subject for comprehensive, multi-disc box sets. Frequently, their albums were designed as a cohesive whole and the idea of individual singles never really entered the picture at all. Roxy Music was slightly different than the average art/prog-rock band -- not only did they make albums, they also made singles. And that is one of the reasons why the four-disc set The Thrill of It All is successful. Roxy's songs stand as individual works, and they make sense outside of their original context, even if they make more sense within their original context. Thankfully, the majority of each of their major albums are reproduced on the first three discs of this collection, leaving the fourth disc for non-LP singles, remixes, and B-sides. Most of this material has not been available on CD before, making The Thrill of it All essential for collectors. Nevertheless, it's a helpful guide to Roxy's career for casual fans -- it contains all of the essential songs and shows why the group was one of the seminal bands of the '70s.

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angstytimelord said...

I agree with what you've said about Roxy being a band who made albums that were meant to be heard as a cohesive whole, but I think some of their albums, like "Avalon" and "Flesh and Blood" didn't need to be heard as a whole but rather as a collection of songs that revolved around a single theme.

And I defy anyone to say that "Avalon" isn't the most romantic album ever made. The synth outro on "More Than This" still makes me swoon more than 30 years after I first heard it.

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