Saturday, 19 March 2016

An Emotional Fish An Emotional Fish

An Emotional Fish An Emotional Fish

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The disappearance of An Emotional Fish was one of the great disappointments of the 1990s. Released in September of 1990, An Emotional Fish likely was a victim of the Rattle and Hum era U2 backlash. Though released through Atlantic, the band's first singles were on U2's Mother Records label. That, and their Dublin roots, made the band an easy target for critics. But the album was filled with some wonderful melodic rock songs. "Blue," "Lace Virginia," "Celebrate," and "Julian" were strong songs. The CD version included one extra track, "Move On." Sadly, the band's music changed after their debut (possibly as a reaction to a critical backlash). A great debut album from a band that never again reached such heights. Perhaps a testament to its quality is how incredibly hard to find An Emotional Fish is, meaning fans are unwilling to part with it, even years later. Well worth the search

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