Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Oasis The Masterplan

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The UK is most definitely one of the greatest countries in terms of music. So much classic bands that helped to build up the genres that we know these days, that even if you don't like some of the bands from there, at least you should be grateful for the impact they have in everything you listen. One of the most well-known bands from there is Oasis, a pop rock band that was one of the pillars from the Britpop movement, which was massive in their country and has a monstrous legacy. The frontman duo, Noel and Liam Gallagher, are some of the most arrogant people in music, but these guys definitely know how to make a tune. After the massive success of their first albums, "Definitely Maybe" and "(What's The Story) Morning Glory?", which had some of the most famous UK's stadium anthems, the third album "Be Here Now" was considered a failure by many(even if I don't think so) because of its length, overproduction and nonsensical, cocaine-fueled lyrics. So, after Oasis found themselves trapped in a hole, they decided to put their b-sides together and released their first compilation, "The Masterplan", which turned to be one of the best Oasis albums. It starts with "Acquiesce", a full-mode rocker that bounds between Liam's verses and Noel's chorus that works so beautifully that is hard not to ask yourself how they didn't used this vocal duo attack more often. Other rockers like "Fade Away", "Headshrinker" and "Stay Young" are the usual anthemic stuff that Oasis mastered so wonderfully in their early career, with memorable lyrics and noisey, gigantic guitars that create a sense of confidence that is exciting to see in a band that is so young, but at the same time is so strong and magic that it sounds like a experienced band. But while the rockers are awesome, everybody knows that Oasis's best songs are the ballads, and here they're the best that you could imagine. The emotional vocals of Liam in "Listen Up" and "Rockin' Chair" are a pleasant surprise that shows his best vocals in the band's history, and how he is a great vocalist sometimes. But, the best ballads are the Noel ones. "Half The World Away" and "Talk Tonight" are acoustic numbers that shows how simple and rewarding Noel's songwriting can be, with sweet choruses and catchy lyrics. But, the album's masterpiece is the title track, that is close to be the band's best song. Its soothing first verse, beautiful violins and piano, powerful chorus and masterfully composed lyrics shows why Oasis is such a big deal. Their influences are obvious here, with Beatles-esque songs like "Underneath The Sky", and a cover of "I Am The Walrus" that is a little unnecessary, but it is a good one anyway. The Smiths-esque "Going Nowhere" is pretty good, but it really doesn't go nowhere, feeling a little weak compared with the rest of the album. The instrumental "The Swamp Song" is forgettable, and it prejudice the flow of the album too. But the overall instrumentation of the album is beautiful, with great solos, buzzy guitars and a great use of multiple instruments that gives the characteristic Oasis sound to the songs. Oasis's passionate, anthemic and confident sound comes into full circle on "The Masterplan", focusing on their grandiose energy that makes simple songs become so uplifting and exciting that in a few listens you will sing along to the entire album. Its rock dynamics together with pop tendencies blend together so well that almost everyone can enjoy it, liking rock music or not. It is a document of a band that was once in the top of the world. Oh, and did I mentioned that it's only a b-side compilation? Yeah, that's hard to believe.

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