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Big Audio Dynamite ‎ No. 10, Upping St

Big Audio Dynamite No. 10, Upping St

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NO. 10, UPPING ST. (a pun on 10 Downing St., the residence and office of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom), is the second album by Big Audio Dynamite, led by former Clash guitarist and songwriter Mick Jones. It was released in 1986. Perhaps the most notable aspect of the album is the pairing of Jones and his former Clash partner, Joe Strummer, who co-wrote five songs (one of them being the immigrant tale of "Beyond the Pale") and co-produced the entire album. Mick Jones virtually re-invented himself with Big Audio Dynamite. While he maintained some of the bristling punk energy of his former band, Jones turned a keen eye to the future. He began better sculpting his songs, draping them with sampled beats, movie dialogue, dense textures, found sounds, dance rhythms and elements of hip-hop more completely and effectively than those on the first record. The resulting sophomore effort in no small way upped the ante and broadly expanded on debut''s formula. Jones'' use of samples - check the Eddie Cochranesque "C''mon Every Beatbox," replete with James Brown''s electrifying squawks or the disturbing yet strangely humorous contract-killing fiasco in "Dial a Hitman." As the 1980''s progressed, Jones visionary tapestry of rock, techno, and dance served as a creative high-water mark and inspiration for the next generation of rappers, DJs, and rockers looking to expand their musical palettes. "C''mon Every Beatbox" and "V. Thirteen" made the U.K. singles chart. "Badrock City," added to the album after its initial release, made the U.S. R&B singles chart.

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