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Various ‎– Doing It For The Kids

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By 1988, Creation Records was firmly situated as the U.K. indie label -- the one that all others either emulated or reacted against. More importantly, by this time they were varying their roster to the point that the definitive Creation sound of the label's early days -- exceedingly jangly guitars meshed against artless and pitch-poor male vocals -- was only a part of their sound. Early Creation mainstays the Weather Prophets and the Jasmine Minks, not to mention Bobby Gillespie's pre-dance Primal Scream and label-head Alan McGee's own Biff Bang Pow!, still adhere to this style, but Doing It for the Kids also contains the atmospheric proto-shoegazer pop of Heidi Berry's "North Shore Train" and My Bloody Valentine's sublime "Cigarette in Your Bed," as well as the sparky wit of the Jazz Butcher's "Lot 49" and Momus' "A Complete History of Sexual Jealousy (Parts 17-24)." An interesting mix of bands on the verge of greatness (My Bloody Valentine and Primal Scream), artists at the top of their game (the Times, Felt, the House of Love), and a few also-rans who never quite built on the promise shown here (Emily, the underrated Razorcuts), Doing It for the Kids shows Creation Records at a pivotal moment.


1Jasmine Minks, TheCut Me Deep
2FeltBallad Of The Band
3House Of Love, TheChristine
4Weather Prophets, TheWell Done Sonny
5Primal ScreamAll Fall Down
6Biff Bang Pow!She Paints
7Jazz Butcher, TheLot 49
8Heidi BerryNorth Shore Train
9Nikki SuddenDeath Is Hanging Over Me
10My Bloody ValentineCigarette In My Bed
11Pacific Jetstream
12Times, TheGodevil
13MomusA Complete History Of Sexual Jealousy (Parts 17-24)
14Emily Reflect On Rye
15RazorcutsBrighter Now

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RA Feutz said...

I picked this up way back then. Little did I know the influence it would have on me for years to come. What a great compilation!

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